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When one thinks of Renaissance culture and exquisite artwork the first region that comes to mind is Toscana (also known as Tuscany). Long revered for its famous artwork it is also a region that prides itself on its present accomplishments as well. Although its rich artistic heritage still remains, the region has also built up its industry and has prided itself on coming to the forefront in technological progress. With that being said letís not forget the fact that this region is probably the richest in the world in terms of art history., but its regional history is a mystery. Toscana was never more than a suburb for both the Etruscans and the Romans. It wasnít until the 1100ís that its capital of Firenze even began to assert itself as an individual entity from the Roman capital.

When discussing this region one must view its location to see that it really is a diverse area. Toscana is located just north of the region of Lazio, yet south of Emiglia Romagna on the western coast. It is probably Italyís most popular region in terms of the outsiderís view of the typical Italian lifestyle and recent popularity among foreigners has made it very hard to find long-term lodging. Many of the farmhouses and villas in the area are extremely overpriced and are still in constant demand. If you have your hear set on a month long Toscanese vacation be prepared to pay.

Street in Firenze

In the span of a few short days one can begin in the elegant city of Firenze, set out for a country like atmosphere in part of Siena, and end with a sandy beach excursion to Livorno. So you can see why this region can be very entertaining for any kind of traveler. It has everything from exquisite churches and museums to charming farmhouses with beautiful gardens. It simply is a region that stands by itself.

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