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The region of Lombardia geographically bordering along the country of Switzerland, is one of the most northern regions in all of Italy. The region is considered to be the financial heart of Italy due to its modern industry and large-scale agriculture.

Piazza del Duomo, Milano

The main contributor to this great wealth is the its capital of Milano. The city long known as the style capital of the world is a staple of the Lombardia region and has long been one of the popular vacation destinations for economy visitors. Besides Milano through the region is filled with wealthy towns consisting of imposing palazzi and beautifully decorated churches. Named after the barbarians who desecrated and crushed the Roman Empire, Lombardia still has the feeling of its Germanic roots. Donít be surprised to see a blond haired, blue-eyed Italian. They more than likely have Germanic ancestors and are very different in appearance than the "typical Italian" one would imagine. But that is part of the diversity of northern Italy.

Galleria, Milano

Visitors come to this great region with impressions already in hand later to find they were dead wrong. As many know the region has a rich history with splendid buildings and artwork. Just when you think there are to many buildings that clutter travel, you will find another area filled with farms and peaceful villas along this countryside. You may find a different lifestyle and uniqueness that contains its own separate beauties different from any other region.

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