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Castello di San Terenzo

Travelers when they think of Italy, such destination as Rome, Milan, Florence, and Venice come to mind. What many people do not know is that the region of Liguria can be just as beautiful and just as special in its own unique way. Otherwise known as the Italian Riviera, with its wondrous beaches and breathtaking scenery has become a vacation hotspot for the famous and the elite. Although many have never been to Liguria before, We're sure many have seen a part of it on television. Liguria has become a favorite of filmmakers due to its lush landscape, which is a mixture of rocky coves and sandy beaches.

Besides its magnificent scenery Liguria offers a variety of mouth savoring foods and special events that will give you and your family a vacation that will be remembered forever. The regions seafood is second to none and will bring a smile to any fish loverís appetite. Liguria is also home to one of Italyís most special events known as The San Remo Festival. Every February the town of San Remo hosts a musical festival that is as large as the Oscarís in the United States. Then how about seeing the home of Christopher Columbus, indeed the famed traveler was born in the regionís capital of Genoa.

Street in Genova

Genoa divides the region into two parts. To the west we have the coastline known as Riviera Ponente, which is a thin coastal strip, that leads to France. Opposite the western coastline we have the Riviera Levante, which is a little more rocky and picturesque. Nonetheless it is still home to some of Italyís more beautiful sites like the famed Cinque Terre (roughly translated it means five lands). This area consists of five towns perfectly situated to create one of the most picturesque scenes known to man. So whether you are looking for a wonderful beach resort or some of Italyís finest food this small region has everything you want and can be covered in a short span due to its small size.

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