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Le Marche

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Nestled between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea, Le Marche "the marches" is perhaps one of Italyís most beautiful and diverse regions. Travelers know Le Marche for its rich medieval and renaissance history, while Italians know it for the luxurious beach resorts and scenic coastline.

Fountain in Ascoli

Founded by Magna Graecia exiles in the 4th century BC, many of the towns in Le Marche have a strong Greek influence, most notably Ancona. However, it wasnít until the Middle Ages, that the region derived its name "Le Marche" or "border", by marking the eastern edge of the Holy Roman Empire. The region reached it historical highpoint in the 15th century when the small hilltop town of Urbino exploded onto the Renaissance scene under the reign of Federico Montefeltro. Since then Urbino has been one of the cornerstone examples of art and culture throughout Europe and Le Marcheís most famous city, followed up by the little known town of Ascoli Piceno. It may not be one of Italyís more famous cities, but it surely has history and the sites to be compared with the likes of any other city.

Along with the vast history, Le Marche is famous for one of the most dramatic coastlines in the entire country, from steep cliffs that stand almost perpendicular to the sea, to wide spacious beaches. Many travelers donít realize it but these beaches are second to none. During the vacation months many Italians flock to resort towns like Pesaro, which has a rich history in its own right. Italians have tried to keep the beaches of Le Marche to themselves, but in the past few years the growing rate of hotels and shopping areas have attracted more and more outsiders.

San Marino flag

Le Marche is also neighbor to Italyís second most famous and oldest free republics, San Marino.

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