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Off the coast of Rimini

Located directly north of Toscana and Le Marche and south of Lombardia and Veneto, Emilia Romania extends from the Adriatic Sea in the east to the back end of the tiny region of Liguria, on the Ligurian Sea. However it wasnít always this large. In 1946 the two regions of Emilia and Romagna decided to unite in order to create one stronger and more diverse region. Now the vast region covers almost the entire diameter of Italy, and in covering such a large area, Emilia Romagna probably offers more in terms of culture, art, history, and recreation than any other region in the country.

It can be said that anyone making a second or third trip to Italy could spend their entire vacation in Emilia Romagna and experience all of the things the rest of the country has to offer and have the time of their lives doing so.

Via Aemilia

Spanning the entire distance of the region is the ancient Roman road "Via Aemilia". Built in 187 B.C. the Via Aemilia connects the cities of Piacenza (an old military base built along the Po river near the border of Emilia Romagna and Lombardia) and Rimini (an ancient city that at one time was one of the largest most important cities in the area. It now doubles as a seaside resort on the Adriatic.). By following this ancient highway travelers can find everything from ski resorts to beachfront hotels, and enjoy the art and culture along the way.

Quiet street in Parma

Emilia Romagna is rich with large Medieval and Renaissance cities as well as smaller less well-known cities that offer more than the average traveler would think. Parma, Piacenza, Bologna, Ravenna, Ferrara, and Rimini are all of the regions more famous cities. But there are also places like Modena and Roncole-Verdi that have so much to offer that the average visitor may not realize.

Just as famous as the art and culture of Emilia Romagna is its cuisine, perhaps the best in the country. It is said that this region benefits more than any other from the Po River. The Po helps irrigate much of the farm land of Emilia Romagna and its minerals help the region produce an abundance of fruits, grains and meats that are a step above those found anywhere else. As a result some of Italyís most famous dishes come from this region; the most well known around the world is probably the "Pasta Bolognese". Named for the regionís capital Bologna this ragu (tomato sauce) is made from onions, beef, pork, and mortadella. To compliment the fine foods of Emilia Romagna are its wines. The wines produced in this region, especially from the province of Ferrara are some of the best in Italy and rival those more famous wines from Toscana. If you ever find yourself in this region we suggest taking a tour of one of the vineyards. It will be an experience you will never forget.

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