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Veneto is probably Italy’s hardest region to describe in words (even if you were to leave out its most famous of capitals, Venezia). Like the masquerades of Carnevale, Veneto has many faces. It stretches from the Adriatic Sea all the way to the Austrian border. It is abounds with lakes and rivers that have become prime vacation spots for travelers from surrounding European countries. It has thermal spas that have existed since the Romans. It has arguably the best style of cuisine and wines, that when compared to "vini Toscane" may still be second to none. It has cities filled with art and history that are worth a vacation on their own…But Veneto like no other region boasts perhaps the most unique of cities in the world, Venezia.

Centuries ago the Romans first began to develop this region as they created a series of outposts that have flourished ever since. Cities like Treviso, Padova, and Verona grew as the routes from Eastern Europe and Rome, and the route between Genova and Venezia became busier. They continued to prosper throughout their history as the rule of the Roman Empire shifted to that of the Ventian Empire, both of which knew and appreciated their importance. They realized that this area was prime for agriculture. Veneto still largely comprised of farmland, feeds off of the fertile Po River. Many of the crops such as; wheat, maize, mulberry bushes, fruit trees, olives and the ever important grape-vine are specialties of the region and help create its own style of cuisine.

Basilicata di San Marco

Today tourists can still witness the beautiful palazzos and building created during the height of the Venetian Empire. Scattered throughout the region there are numerous edifices that serve as evidence of the power of that empire. They give the region an air of nobility not found in any other region.

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